Great day!

I have these very now and again! I wake up, get showered, dressed and do my make up. Anyone who knows me also knows that I won’t even go to the village shop without putting my face on. I have no idea where the vanity came from, it just is. Depression punches it down to the ‘don’t care who sees me looking sh*t’ thing.

Today I was inspired, by my eldest niece’s success, to join the local Slimming World group. I leave in an hour for the 6 steps across to the community hall opposite the cottage to weigh-in. I was going to wait for after Christmas but would probably weigh another half stone more by then and, as I’m having extra meds for my diabetes to bring them down faster (I’ve been comfort eating) so I can have a surgery with less risk of infection in early 2018 I’ve decided to just do it now. I’ve weighed myself three times today so I can test my bathroom scales and see if they give the same result as the SW scales. I got the same result all three times! I was hoping to have lost a pound because of the extra walks to the bathroom to weigh myself but that didn’t happen!

So..after lunch I set about making Red Onion and Whisky Chutney. One of the two friends who are getting married next year wants Chutney and Soda bread as favours in place of the Sugared Almonds which were traditionally given (these days it’s all manner of sweets) but I like the idea. The prices of Chutneys are horrendous, and when you consider that most of the ingredients aren’t that expensive (tomatoes, onions, root veggies) I offered to make some to see whether she liked it. I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit as thought the balsamic vinegar used in this recipe would be too strong. Reviews on the page I took the recipe from also said the the taste of the Whiskey was lost, so as I like to tweak I did!


My eyes! They were on fire! I already said I had full eye make up on for the first time in a while and I nearly lost all of it down my face. Alice Cooper eat your heart out! Sensible Nat to make onion chutney with full eye make up on! All I can say is the teaspoon (thanks old wives tales) and specs did the trick and my eye make up was saved for the remainder of the day. Can you imagine the looks I’d have got walking in to join Slimming World with red eyes and a newly-scrubbed face?! Yeah, hello other village SW’ers – I’m Nat and I scrub my face for fun! Window licker here *waves*


My cottage now stinks of vinegar and I’m sure when I get in to that hall people will be giving me a wide berth. Whenever I make chutney I stink of vinegar for the rest of the day. Second shower of the day before bed I think.

I’ll have to post again if the chutney is a success. And on that I better get back to #NaNoWriMo as I’m quite a bit behind my word count due to beautiful fur ball passing away and me having too many ‘chair’ days.



Can a month be cursed?

A strange question but sometimes it feels that way. I wonder every year what November will bring, as terrible stuff happens and I wish we could just slip quietly into December.

My husband’s birthday is in November. Fifteen years ago, the day before his birthday his Mum died. Three years later at the end of the month I lost my Dad, and just the tiniest smidge into December four years ago we lost one of our beloved dogs.

Today, just one week into November this year, we lost one of our cats. He was unlike any other cat I’d known before and I doubt there’ll ever be a cat like him again. He was affectionate, loving, snuggly and he could purr for England – I wanted to get a decibel checker to him as it was so loud. We’d known him from his birth as his ‘Mumma-bear’ is our queen cat. She had two boys and we kept both of them (the idea was we’d keep one of the kittens whatever size the litter was but with just two we couldn’t decide, thus we became a three-cat-family!)

As in my previous posts I’ve mentioned depression. I’m slap bang in to a period of depression and days are hard anyway, but then bad stuff happens and you feel like you’re treading treacle in an effort to keep your head up and continue.

I was going to post here yesterday how I’d had a better few days as I’d committed to      Na-No-Wri-Mo this year and up to now have kept up with, or exceeded the daily word target of 1.667, but I then got carried away with my novel and didn’t write the post. And then today happened, and the positive post has disappeared down a Black hole.

I feel as though I want to start a ‘Cancel November’ campaign – I know my family would love this too as they’ve lost other family members (from their partner’s side) in November too. But I guess I’ll either just have one of my ‘chair’ days, or else just brave the month and hope that nothing else bad will happen this year – or any year for that matter. Please powers that be, be kind, especially to my husband who suffers the anniversary of his birth having to remember the loss of his mother the day before, and now has to add to the day before that the loss of another member of our family, our beloved furry friend.

If anyone has a spell for hexes and curses please email them to me…