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8th August 2018 – Writing Challenge

Where is your favourite place to write?

I can pretty much write anywhere. I use my laptop when I am at home and sit in my armchair or at a desk. I did have a desk area but now we’re all packed up for the move I’m sitting in my armchair using the laptop. I have recently downloaded the onedrive app to my smart phone so I can write and save it directly to the onedrive so I can access and clean up later on. I also have notebooks, lots of notebooks, I have a fetish or something! Sadly I’ve struggled to always carry one with me and I know I’ve missed many great opportunities for a mega bestseller simply by forgetting the fantastic ideas I had in the middle of the night or whilst in the car or on the train! I need to get better at savings ideas.


Picture Courtesy of http://arturek.pl/zarabianie-w-internecie/

As anyone who has read this blog in the last few weeks will know, we are in the process of moving. The new property has a separate sun-room. Hubby thought it’d make a great ‘Lady Cave’. I hate that description! It conjures up all sorts of negative connotations (18+ only from here please!) along the lines of ‘bucket crutch’ or similar. I am sitting here with my face screwed up and I’m squirming! I really dislike that name. I am naming it my “Studio”. I’ll be writing in there as well as sewing and doing other handicrafts.

The writing area is going to be a little cubby-hole. I’ll have my comfortable, ergonomically designed office chair in there at the desk. I plan to have reference books I already own in there, which I tend to use sometimes as more reliable sources than the internet. The area will also have prints on the walls, a rocking chair my youngest sister gifted me and a nice, colourful rug. I’d like a plant or 2 as well but I need to wait until I am in the space to decide exactly. So whilst there is no physical ‘place/home’ for me to write in now I am very much looking forward to this new area. I’ll be sharing photos once we’re there – this countdown is frustrating, but it’s coming…patience is a virtue (apparently!) I think I was last in that queue…

Until next time! 🙂