Moving, Madness & More!

I’m back and able to spend some leisure time now in the evenings – I’ve been falling in to bed exhausted and haven’t even read my book.

I’m determined to never ever move again. NEVER EVER!

HORRIBLE buyers – the definition of nasty and evil, which left hubby and I teetering on the edge of meltdown. I’m not joking either. Pressure which can only be described as illegal, in that they were not willing for the legal process to reach its natural conclusion (8-12 weeks here in the UK). We then found an apartment to stay in for a few weeks as there was a delay with the property we bought which was what our buyers were being nasty about, although they’d been applying pressure from less than 10 days from the date we accepted their offer. In the UK this property is a bungalow, however in other countries I know it’s described differently – this Wiki Link helps a little. I’m sharing a couple of pictures of the bungalow. It’s single storey as my hips and back cannot cope with stair cases at all, or even steps anymore and was the main reason we marketed the cottage.

The building is a little old-fashioned from the outside, however the interior was even moreso. We finally completed the purchase on 10th October and from then on it’s been a dizzying and frustrating experience! Whilst I’m unable to do much physically, I’ve still been working hard online; ordering items and bit and pieces from different retailers.

The previous owners are the complete polar opposites of our buyers. They allowed us to come in to the grounds to fence the boundary to ensure the dogs were safe – we have a husky and anyone else owning one will understand this! She’s still escaped a few times under hedges, through small gaps. Hubby bought wire to cover the hedges to prevent this and the madam lifted it up so it’s now had to be reinforced with lengths of wood to hold it down. Hubby has been getting increasingly frustrated because each time he has had to stop working to go and look for her has prevented him from getting on with the renovations on the building. Today he fitted the final fence panel for the last area she had been escaping. We’re hoping she’ll settle a little bit better now. They also allowed replacement window companies to attend with us in order to quote for new. This has meant that the order went in early and they’re being fitted next week. We were made cups of tea and coffee every day we were here up to the legal completion, and whilst this is not recommended by solicitor’s we all got on so well that when there was a further 3 day delay (caused by our solicitor this time) they allowed us to have some deliveries come, as we’d been due to own the property 3 day previously we’d organised deliveries and wasn’t sure these could be postponed at such short notice.

After completion, while I stayed in the seaside apartment with the cats and dogs, hubby came over and has knocked a wall and fireplace down to merge the kitchen and living room. He then moved in with the dogs last Tuesday (16th) and I moved in with the cats, from the apartment the next day – so have been here for a week already! He started to make good but then we had an electrician in to instal a new fuse-board/consumer unit and instal cabling ready for the appliances to be hard-wired this Friday. The old cooker socket was removed so it’s been ready meals (microwave meals) all week. I am full-to-the-brim of these sugar and sodium-filled meals and can’t wait to get back in to the kitchen, cooking proper food again! (How many people say that?!)

We sat and did calculations today and we’ve overspent by quite a bit. All the little bits which are needed to instal/fit,  plumbing parts, screws, etc weren’t properly factored in to our original calculations, however some things came within the budgeted amount – just!

Now we’re at the stage where almost all the buying for the main living area and orangery (conservatory with a semi-solid roof in place of a completely glazed roof) is paid out. The bath and shower room will be done in the Spring, as will both bedrooms and my writing cubby/sewing studio. Not much rest for hubby though as there’ll be a lot to do for quite a while.

Despite everything happening I’ve decided to still attempt #Nanowrimo this year. Last year, despite all my best intentions I failed, however wrote the longest piece of fiction I’ve ever done for one project, so for me it was a win! I am busy on and off with stuff here but I’m determined to do this ↓↓


Until next time! 🙂