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I’m  trying to post on my Facebook page, as a way of building a following. Click on the link for the pic and comment I shared today – this is one of a few I uploaded – all writing or reading themed usually, unless I’m inspired to write something else or do a book review, etc.


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It gets easier

We’ve now started to settle post-move. I didn’t think it’d take this long, but we’re getting there. For me the renovations were unsettling – strange when they’re improving the building to make it a ‘home-for-life; ensuring the floor is all one level throughout, the heating runs efficiently, the kitchen is usable – even if I have to be in my wheelchair, etc.

Anyway so I’m feeling more settled and have been making real efforts to write daily. My hope was I’d make it here daily but I just keep jumping into my writing and getting carried away – the other night it was gone 2 by the time I made it to bed.



Like anything, getting into some kind of routine makes the whole process easier. I have begun to use a time of day to settle to writing which my husband uses for his afternoon doze (bear in mind here that my nickname for him is ‘Rip Van Winkle’) – sorry hubster! I do plan to increase the time I am writing, and also to write in the morning instead of the late afternoon or evening, as then, if I do get carried away (especially with research or editing) it’ll hopefully be at a more normal time than 2am by the time I look at the clock!

Today my aim is to write in a different way. I haven’t written to some friends for a while, one especially for an extremely long time, so this evening I will be writing letters…remember those? Snail mail! I still say that it’s such a lovely feeling to receive an envelope in the post which isn’t a bill and has a handwritten address. Hopefully the people I’m writing to will be happy to receive them. I’m also emailing a friend in Japan who writes practically every week, but who hears back from me once or twice a year at most (slapped wrists needed here)! I really do want to send a response far more regularly than that – I’ve outed myself on here now so I will be making a point of doing it now! I’m also writing to my second cousin – this is usually a monthly or bi-monthly thing – just news about my Great Aunt, who I also write to every so often.


So, all types of writing to be done and hopefully the 19,000 words I’ve written so far will become the 90-odd thousand I need to have a complete manuscript to submit to a publisher before 2020 arrives…only 71,000 to go then…until next time 🙂