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Ready to write

It’s been a busy time here and I’ve not been able to get around to writing this blog or posts over on my Facebook page. After just over 5 months since we got the keys, the newly-built orangery is finished and the whole living area is now decorated and the floor is down. We’ve been able to unpack our Books, DVDs, CDs and ornaments. Sunday and Monday felt as though we were moving again as all the boxes were brought up from the garage! I was so excited.

Unpacking is a reintroduction to those items you’ve saved as they’re special for one reason or another and it’s amazing how those things we collect can help a space feel like home. I feel so much more settled and comfortable with our things around us.

This all means I can now sit somewhere and write (until my studio is completed – which will probably be in a couple of months as other things have to take priority).

I have 4 pieces of work on the go. 2 are book-length prose (1 chic lit and 1 9-11 children’s book) and 2 are for writing competitions which end in May and June. Time to sit at the keyboard and put one word after another until all 4 are done…easy and hard but exciting!